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MySQL 4.0.9 släppt. - 2003-01-14 19:08:10

Här kommer meddelandet om releasen av Mysql 4.0.9 direkt tagen från Mysql's mailinglista:

[citat]MySQL 4.0.9, a new version of the world's most popular Open Source Database,
has been released. It is now available in source and binary form for a number
of platforms from our download pages at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/ and
mirror sites.

Note that all mirrors may not be up to date; If you can't find this
version on some mirror, please retry later or try another mirror.

This is a new gamma release, fixing some recently discovered bugs.

>From the ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:
* `OPTIMIZE TABLE' will for MyISAM tables treat all `NULL' values as
different when calculating cardinality. This helps in optimising
joins between tables where one of the tables has a lot of `NULL'
values in a indexed column:
SELECT * from t1,t2 where t1.a=t2.key_with_a_lot_of_null;

* Added join operator `FORCE INDEX (key_list)'. This acts likes `USE
INDEX (key_list)' but with the addition that a table scan is
assumed to be VERY expensive. One bad thing with this is that it
makes `FORCE' a reserved word.

* Reset internal row buffer in MyISAM after each query. This will
reduce memory in the case you have a lot of big blobs in a table.

Bugs fixed:
* A security patch in 4.0.8 causes the mysqld server to die if the
remote hostname can't be resolved. This is now fixed.

* Fixed crash when replication big `LOAD DATA INFILE' statement that
caused log rotation.[/citat]

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MySQL 4.0.7 släppt. - 2002-12-29 20:55:11

Här kommer meddelandet om releasen av Mysql 4.0.7 direkt tagen från Mysql's mailinglista:

[citat]MySQL 4.0.7, a new version of the popular Open Source Database, has been
released. It is now available in source and binary form for a number of
platforms from our download pages at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/ and
mirror sites.

Around the time MySQL 4.0.6 was ready to be released to fix the security
vulnerabilities that have been reported to us by eMatters GmbH, we were
informed about another potential security vulnerability. Because the 4.0.6
builds were almost completed at this point, and we wanted to get these out
to fix the already widely known security issues, we decided to resolve
this vulnerability for MySQL 4.0.7 instead and release it immediately
after MySQL 4.0.6.

Users that use previous versions of MySQL 4.0 in an untrusted multi-user
environment (e.g. ISPs providing database hosting) are encouraged to
update to MySQL 4.0.7 as soon as possible.

Please note, that this new vulnerability does only affect MySQL 4.0 -
MySQL 3.23 is not affected by this bug.

A short description of the vulnerability:

o MySQL 4.0 did not properly check the user's privileges when receiving
the (deprecated) client function call mysql_drop_db() to drop the
specified database.
o This allowed any user to arbitrary drop any database, if he was able
to log in as a valid user and his MySQL client application used the
obsolete mysql_drop_db() function call instead of the "DROP DATABASE"
SQL statement.
o When using "DROP DATABASE", the user's privileges were always verified
correctly before dropping the database.
o This bug can not be exploited without a valid MySQL user account -
it is not possible for an anonymous remote attacker to perform this
o So far, we are only aware of one client application that still uses
this function call.
o The "mysql" client application provided with the MySQL distribution
as well as the MySQL Control Center cannot be used to exploit this
o No data was compromised from other users' databases - this bug did not
affect the privileges required to actually read data from other
databases or tables.
o If logging was enabled (e.g. by using the "--log" or "--log-bin"
command line switches), the operation was also logged by the MySQL
server, including the user and host name (if "--log" was used).

We would like to thank Gary Huntress for making us aware of this problem.

News from the MySQL 4.0.7 ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:

* `mysqlbug' now also reports the compiler version used for building
the binaries (if the compiler supports the option `--version').

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed compilation problems on OpenUnix and HPUX 10.20.

* Fixed some optimisation problems when compiling MySQL with
`-DBIG_TABLES' on a 32 bit system.

* `mysql_drop_db()' didn't check permissions properly so anyone could
drop another users database. `DROP DATABASE' is checked properly.

Additional notes:

* It is quite possible that not all mirror sites have picked up
the Linux RPM packages yet, because the were added some time after
the other binary packages.

* Due to a hardware failure, we are currently unable to provide
Solaris 2.7 binaries - we apologize for any inconveniences that
may cause you. Some users reported, that the Solaris 2.8 package
worked for them on Solaris 2.7, too - so you might want to give
that a try. We are working on setting up a new Solaris 2.7 build
system and hope to have it available for future releases again.[/citat]

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PHP Manual CHM Edition #11 - 2002-12-28 02:44:20

[27-Dec-2002] The 11th sample of the CHM edition is available for download from today. The sample hopefully fixed the missing page bugs forever, introduces a new integration method (see documentation inside) and contains actual manual text, mirrors list and user notes.


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PHP 4.3.0 Released! - 2002-12-28 02:42:13

[27-Dec-2002] The PHP developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of PHP 4.3.0, the latest and greatest version of this extremely popular and widely used scripting language.
This release contains a multitude of changes, bug fixes and improvements over the previous one, PHP 4.2.3. It further elevates PHP's standing as a serious contender in the general purpose scripting language arena.

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PHP 4.3.0RC4 Released - 2002-12-26 11:39:34

Despite our best efforts, it was necessary to make one more release candidate, hence PHP 4.3.0RC4. This one mainly corrects the CGI vs CLI SAPI naming and fixes a couple of bugs. It is supposed to have a short testing cycle, after which the final version will be put out, hopefully before the end of the year.

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