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På PHPportalen försöker vi i så hög grad som möjligt engagera våra medlemmar. Därför har du som medlem chansen att vara med och hjälpa till. Nedan finner du en länk till en sida där du kan lägga till nyheter till vårt nyhetsarkiv. Våra trivsel- och förhållningsregler gäller givetvis även här. Posta inte heller någonting som inte är av allmänt intresse, reklam i alla dess former kommer redigeras bort.

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PHPBB 2.0.6 släppt - 2003-08-06 13:31:51

Ny version av forumet phpbb släppt.

phpBB Group are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 2.0.6 the "phew, it's way to hot to be furry" Edition. This release had been made to fix a number of potential security related issues and more annoying bugs. Work continues on 2.2.0 and again we do not plan on further releases of 2.0.x except where critical issues arise.

We strongly advise all users to upgrade. See our downloads page and support forum for further information.

Finns för nerladdning på www.phpbb.com

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Apache 1.3.28 - 2003-07-25 07:37:24

Även om Apache nu finns i version 2 och det kommer nya versioner på löpande band så har faktiskt Apache 1.3 fortfarande en väldigt stor del av andelen användare och nyligen släpptes version 1.3.28 som är en service release som fixar främst säkerhetsproblem men också en del små buggar. Ni som vill veta mera om vad som är tillrättat i denna version kan kika här

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Apache 2.0.47 släppt - 2003-07-09 14:13:50

The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce the tenth public release of Apache 2.0.

This version of Apache is principally a security and bug fix release. Of particular note is that 2.0.47 addresses four security vulnerabilities:

Certain sequences of per-directory renegotiations and the SSLCipherSuite directive being used to upgrade from a weak ciphersuite to a strong one could result in the weak ciphersuite being used in place of the strong one.

Certain errors returned by accept() on rarely accessed ports could cause temporal denial of service, due to a bug in the prefork MPM.

Denial of service was caused when target host is IPv6 but ftp proxy server can't create IPv6 socket.

The server would crash when going into an infinite loop due to too many subsequent internal redirects and nested subrequests.

Mer information finns på httpd.apache.org

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PHP 5 Beta 1 finns ute - 2003-06-29 22:28:43

Sterling Hughes wrote:

The PHP development community is proud to announce the release of
PHP 5 Beta 1. Both source packages and a Win32 build are available, you
can find these packages at http://www.php.net/downloads.php. For a
complete list of changes, please refer to

Läs mer på http://news.php.net/article.php?group=php.internals&article=2971

Nyheten inskickad av Darren    

phpBB 2.0.5 released - 2003-06-20 12:35:48

Hemsidan som gör forumet PHPBB har släppt en ny version


What has changed in this release?

A comprehensive changelog is included with all archives. This edition includes a significant number of fixes for bugs and a minor cross-site scripting issue.

The user facing session_id verification has been removed from this version. This should reduce issues with general users browsing via ISPs which frequently hop between proxies while retaining improved security where it really matters. (moderator and admin controls).

Admins who use non-latin based character set languages should see yet more improvement in compatability when searching. Additionally changes in the email system should reduce compatibility issues with problematical mail transfer agents. Other changes should reduce the likelihood of phpBB orginated "mass messages" being classed as "spam" by some filters.

While not supported as such the Visual Confirmation system produced for phpBB 2.2 has been backported and made available for 2.0.5. You will find it in the contrib/ directory. Installing this (ensure you read the README.html!) should eliminate any problems with "mass registration" attempts.

The file based caching system has also been updated. Should you install this (again not strictly supported) you may see an improvement in page generation times compared to the previous version. Users who have never used the static file caching alternative should see a quite noticeable decrease in page rendering times (and perhaps a slight reduction in load).

Du kan läsa mer på

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