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På PHPportalen försöker vi i så hög grad som möjligt engagera våra medlemmar. Därför har du som medlem chansen att vara med och hjälpa till. Nedan finner du en länk till en sida där du kan lägga till nyheter till vårt nyhetsarkiv. Våra trivsel- och förhållningsregler gäller givetvis även här. Posta inte heller någonting som inte är av allmänt intresse, reklam i alla dess former kommer redigeras bort.

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Thunderbird - 2006-06-04 19:23:21

What's New in Thunderbird

Thunderbird provides stability and security enhancements that are part of our ongoing program to provide a safer email experience for our users. We recommend that all Thunderbird users upgrade to this latest version.

Here's what's new in Thunderbird

* Universal Binary Support for Mac OS X which provides native support for Macintosh with Intel Core processors. Thunderbird supports the enhancements to performance introduced by the new MacIntel chipsets.
* Improvements to product stability.
* Web site XSS using BOM on UTF-8 pages
* Double-free on malformed VCard
* Buffer overflow in crypto.signText()
* Remote compromise via content-defined setter on object prototypes
* Privilege escalation through XUL persist
* HTTP response smuggling
* Fixes for crashes with potential memory corruption
* EvalInSandbox escape (Proxy Autoconfig, Greasemonkey)

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Firefox - 2006-06-02 10:56:36

Mozilla Foundation uppmanar alla som använder Firefox att uppdatera till version De som inte har stängt av de automatiska uppdateringarna kommer få ett meddelande om att en ny version av webbläsaren behöver installeras.


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Zend Studio 5.2 - 2006-06-01 15:55:12

Zend is pleased to announce the release of Zend Studio 5.2 - now including a free developer license for Zend Platform allowing you to increase the reliability and maximize the performance of your application before deployment - at the same low price of $299.

As a past Zend Studio evaluator, we recommend that you evaluate this latest version in order to experience for yourself the power of Zend Platform as part of your development process.

--> Download the Trial Version now https://www.zend.com/free_download/studio

Zend Studio 5.2 now includes the following enhancements:

Increased developer productivity and improved application performance
Develop your PHP applications faster; identify, test and resolve performance issues from within your development environment
Once deployed, optimized and stable PHP applications stay in production reducing downtime, troubleshooting and development cycles
--> Full Details found at http://www.zend.com/products/zend_studio

--> For details about the Zend Platform Developers License and how to request a free license, check the Zend Studio FAQ.

-->For technical or license questions, please submit a support ticket to the Zend Helpdesk found at http://www.zend.com/support.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact store@zend.com.

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Zend Framework 0.1.3 - 2006-05-31 08:48:28

So, why yet-another-framework? Clearly, it's useful to have a standard library of components that you can drop into your applications.

There are plans for AJAX, SMTP, and web services components, among others. As you can probably deduce from the names, the components already implemented include the ActiveRecord pattern, some glue for MVC, flexible logging and templating and a security related input filtering class are also present. ZSearch provides document indexing capabilities, to make it easy to implement custom search engines for arbitrary documents stored in arbitrary storage containers.

One of the goals for the project is to keep every clear and simple to use, without forcing you to adopt the entire framework throughout your application; it doesn't impose itself on your app, and doesn't require any configuration files to deploy and use.

Ladda ner o prova:

Online manual:

Poffens inlägg på PHPportalens forum:

Major benefits of Zend Framework :!:
I see a wide array of benefits to using the Zend Framework:

1. Free license

2. Entire framework created from scratch - no obsolete code over-head hanging around for backward compatibility

3. Support and insistence of PHP 5

4. Extreme simplicity - easy to learn/use

5. Light weight - so it can be used on very large websites

6. Free from IP infringement issues - very important!

7. Use only what you need in your logic. This feature used to be called serviced-based architecture (SBA) - instantiate only what you want on a need-to-use basis. I worked on SBA on Power Builder/PFC before and can say it is the most optimal architecture. This keeps the performance at its peak (can be used even on large websites) as we don't need to load/instantiate unnecessary classes into memory. If in doubt, try defining a couple of classes inside a single file, include it in another PHP file and run the debugger - you would notice it pre-loads each and every class found in the file into memory although class definitions themselves are not executable unless invoked/instantiated.

I only hope they don't restrict us from using templating engines such as Smarty, Savant...


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MySQL 4.0.27 - 2006-05-13 14:36:50


MySQL 4.0.27, a new version of the popular Open Source Database
Management System, has been released. The Community Edition is now
available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our
download pages at


and mirror sites.

This is a security fix release and bugfix release for the 4.0
production release family.

This MySQL 4.0.27 release includes the patches for recently reported
security vulnerabilities in the MySQL client-server protocol. We would
like to thank Stefano Di Paola for finding
and reporting these to us.

Functionality added or changed:

* The MySQL-server RPM now explicitly assigns the mysql system
user to the mysql user group during the post-installation
process. This corrects an issue with upgrading the server on
some Linux distributions whereby a previously existing mysql
user was not changed to the mysql group, resulting in wrong
groups for files created following the installation.
(Bug#12823: http://bugs.mysql.com/12823)

* Better detection of connection timeout for replication servers
on Windows allows elimination of extraneous Lost connection
errors in the error log.
(Bug#5588: http://bugs.mysql.com/5588)

Bugs fixed:

* Security fix: A malicious client, using specially crafted
invalid login or COM_TABLE_DUMP packets was able to read
uninitialized memory, which potentially, though unlikely in
MySQL, could have led to an information disclosure.
Thanks to Stefano Di Paola stefano.dipaola@wisec.it for
finding and reporting this bug.

* MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.26-0.i386.rpm and 4.0.27 incorrectly
depend on glibc 2.3 and cannot not be installed on a glibc 2.2
system. For MySQL 4.0, we recommend using the older
MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.25-0.i386.rpm package.
(Bug#16539: http://bugs.mysql.com/16539)

* When myisamchk needed to rebuild a table, AUTO_INCREMENT
information was lost. (Bug#10405: http://bugs.mysql.com/10405)

* BIT_COUNT() could return an incorrect value for right table
columns in a LEFT JOIN.
(Bug#13044: http://bugs.mysql.com/13044)

* An UPDATE statement which tried to update a column with a name
beginning with an asterisk would cause the server to crash.
This was because the MySQL server would wrongly expand the '*'
character to the list of all table columns, causing the list of
columns to become longer than the list of values. Now the server
performs this expansion only if the '*' character is followed
by a space. (Bug#15610: http://bugs.mysql.com/15610)

* An INSERT ... SELECT statement between tables in a MERGE set
can return errors when statement involves insert into child
table from merge table or vice-versa.
(Bug#5390: http://bugs.mysql.com/5390)

* A LIMIT-related optimization failed to take into account that
MyISAM table indexes can be disabled, causing Error 124 when
it tried to use such an index.
(Bug#14616: http://bugs.mysql.com/14616)

* For a table that had been opened with HANDLER OPEN, issuing
crash. (Bug#14397: http://bugs.mysql.com/14397)

* Queries of the form (SELECT ...) ORDER BY ... were being
treated as a UNION. This improperly resulted in only distinct
values being returned (because UNION by default eliminates
duplicate results). Also, references to column aliases in
ORDER BY clauses following parenthesized SELECT statements
were not resolved properly.
(Bug#7672: http://bugs.mysql.com/7672)

* SELECT DISTINCT with a GROUP BY clause caused a server crash.
(Bug#13855: http://bugs.mysql.com/13855)

* SHOW CREATE TABLE did not display any FOREIGN KEY clauses if a
temporary file could not be created. Now SHOW CREATE TABLE
displays an error message in an SQL comment if this occurs.
(Bug#13002: http://bugs.mysql.com/13002)

* MySQL programs in binary distributions for Solaris 8/9/10 x86
systems would not run on Pentium III machines.
(Bug#6772: http://bugs.mysql.com/6772)

* Queries against a MERGE table that has a composite index could
produce incorrect results.
(Bug#9112: http://bugs.mysql.com/9112)

* The counters for the Key_read_requests, Key_reads,
Key_write_requests, and Key_writes status variables were
changed from "unsigned long" to "unsigned long long" to
accommodate larger values before the variables
roll-over and restart from 0.
(Bug#12920: http://bugs.mysql.com/12920)

* A concurrency problem for CREATE ... SELECT could cause a
server crash. (Bug#12845: http://bugs.mysql.com/12845)

* On HP-UX 11.x (PA-RISC), the -L option caused "mysqlimport" to
crash. (Bug#12958: http://bugs.mysql.com/12958)

* The server crashed when one thread resized the query cache
while another thread was using it.
(Bug#12848: http://bugs.mysql.com/12848)

Bugs fixed (for problems building from source):

* Avoid trying to include when it doesn't work
in C++ code. (Bug#13621: http://bugs.mysql.com/13621)

* MySQL would not compile on Linux distributions that use the
"tinfo" library. (Bug#18912: http://bugs.mysql.com/18912)

* Fixed problems with static variables to allow building on
Fedora Core 3. (Bug#6554: http://bugs.mysql.com/6554)


Kent Boortz, Senior Software Developer
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com
Office: +46 18 174400 ext. 4450 (VoIP)
Office: +46 19 182931
Mobile: +46 70 2791171

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